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Manifold Public Design is a creative
studio built for a hybrid world.

Our cross-functional team of designers, artists, fabricators, researchers, and technologists allow
us to meaningfully shape every aspect of our client’s experience, online and in real life. 

Everyone deserves access to beautiful design. At Manifold, we strive to even the playing field by providing high-quality digital and physical products to our clients, whether their projects are big or small.   

Our Values

Openness.  Accessibility.  Beauty.  Inspiration.  Innovation.

For us, these are more than just words on a page — these principles guide each and every decision we make. 


Stephen Lewis

Peter Pisano

Joe Horton

Patrick Pegg

Our Approach

Specializing in healthcare, education, and other public-service industries, we craft digital and physical environments that embody your values in every step of your audience’s journey. We use data-informed strategy, stunning creative, custom design + fabrication, user experience, and more to empower your teams and help you achieve your goals.

Lasting impact

Our work is guided by beauty, quality, and utility. We believe work that encompasses all three of those traits will be relevant and impactful for years to come.


We invite our clients into the design process from concept to rendering. This transparency allows for a meaningful partnership that produces great, effective work. 


Every project, big or small, starts with Discovery. That way, we foster a deep understanding of our clients and their needs before moving on to the design phase.  

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